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is a treasure adventure research project that scientifically explores the maritime heritage of Western Society
and illustrates a new historical perspective of the Atlantean subject. Based on new archeological and
anthropological data, the project endeavors to reveal a novel set of remarkable theories regarding how our
prehistoric ancestors once created a powerful transcontinental society known as ATLANTIS.

Much of this project is an attempt to theorize how Plato may have acquired the legendary sea-story of Atlantis
and why the complex subject itself should be based more on scientific fact than entertaining fiction.

The preface describes and illustrates the probable site of the lost Atlantean seaport within what is now
Central America. It also gives scientific explanations as to why this famous prehistoric seaport has not
been found since it was lost in ancient times.

begins with an archeological review of certain New World native tribes
and discovers an ancient method of binary numerical communication used by certain seafaring cultures
of the North Atlantic realm during Neolithic times.

is the story of how the phonetic vowel rules of this ancient method of binary numerical communication
was used by the Phoenicians and other Indo-European cultures over many generations to create
the modern graphical Latin alphabet now associated with Western Civilization.

discovers important chronological and technological data from a time period in human history which portrays
the extraordinary idea that Plato's story of Atlantis and its capital seaport should be regarded as
a factual account of our ancestral heritage. Also included are some fantastic explanations of several important
treasure items from ancient history like the Holy Grail, the Golden Fleece and the Ark of the Covenant.

reveals biological and evolutionary information that suggest how the human ability to remember complicated
knowledge more than any other primate may have originated from a nutritional formula of rare elemental salts
containing gold and other unique elements that maintain genetic memory.

Explore the many amazing views found within and rediscover the lost wonders
of our ancient past.

Perhaps the most important radical discovery uncovered from three decades of research is when the
Atlantean Maritime Kingdom existed in historical time. Recently discovered scientific data suggest
a new breakthrough timeline theory in which the calendar events of recorded Biblical, Greco-Roman and
Medieval history were incorrectly dated by certain influential publishers during the early Renaissance.

This new breakthrough timeline theory reveals the novel concept that the conventional Judaic Calendar year count
of human history -- from which the B.C. and A.D. timeline is based on, is significantly and seriously incorrect.
If modern historians are to know the truth of not only when Atlantis existed in time -- but also the true timeline of
human history, all conventional historical dates from before the Renaissance needs a major recounting project to
correctly understand the true dates of our ancestrial origins.

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