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SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure (V4)
By Duane K. McCullough

Published by
Duane K. McCullough

Copyright (C) 1988/94/96/98/99/00/10/14/21 Duane K. McCullough

Version 1 was copyrighted in 1988 by author
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 88-92585
ISBN: 0-9621605-3-9

Dedicated to historians who believe the true aspects of the Atlantean phenomenon
should be included in the study of Western Civilization.

This book project is the result of encouraging friends from Key Largo who were
patient enough to listen to my historical and scientific ideas - over and over again.
Special thanks to my father who listened the most. May they and others better realize
the lost treasures of our Atlantean ancestors.

Acknowledgment also includes my mother who passed away in '91 to whom I owe my
artistic abilities in visually expressing this book.

Major application programs used on this book program project include:

PageStream 2.2 (Publishing) Soft-Logik Software
Word Writer ST (Word-processing) Timeworks Software
Degas Elite (Graphics) Batteries Included Software / Tom Hudson
Maps and Legends (Map graphics) ANTIC Software
Imagecopy 3 (Graphic format conversion) FaST Club Software
Cyber Studio/Paint/Sculpt (Modeling and Animation) ANTIC Software
STalker & STeno (Telecommunications) Gribnif Software
Crystal Atari Browser (CAB) (HTML testing) Author: Alexander Clauss
HyperGEM (Multimedia programing) Author: Timothy Raines
STzip 2.6 (File compression) Author: Vincent Pomey
LHarc 2 (File compression) Authors: Yoshi, Quester

ClairsWorks 4 (Publishing and word-processing) Apple Computer
SimpleText 1.4 (HTML code) Apple Computer
Adobe PhotoDeluxe 1 (Graphics) Adobe Systems
CompuServe 3 (Telecommunications) WorldCom
Netscape Navigator 4 (Telecommunications) Netscape Communications
Adaptec Toast 3.5.5 PPC (CD Recording)

PC (Win98 / XP)
Amorphium (Modeling and Animation) PLAY Software
Microsoft Works/Notepad (Publishing and word-processing) Microsoft
Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2 (Graphics) Adobe Systems
CompuServe 6 (Telecommunications) WorldCom

Hardware systems used include:

Atari 1040ST (8 mhz / 1 meg RAM)
Atari SC1224, SM124 Monitors.
2 working floppy drives (No hard-drive!)
TOAD Hand Scanner / Migraph Software
Star SJ48 Inkjet printer
SupraModem 2400
SHARP Z-70 copy machine

PPC Mac 6360 Performa (160 mhz / 88 meg RAM)
PANASONIC 15" Monitor
CLUBMAC/VIKING 4.5 G Hard-drive
UMAX Astra 610s Scanner
EPSON Sylus 600 Printer

WINBOOK XL Notebook (INTEL-233 mhz / 32 meg RAM)
HP 6600 Pavilion (AMDK62-500 mhz / 64 meg RAM)
HP 7955 Pavilion (P4 1.5 GHz)
ACER Aspire 7720-6536 (Intel DC 2 GHz / 2G RAM)
Homebuilt (P DC 2.5 GHz / 4G RAM)
Homebuilt (Intel QC I7-870 3.07 GHz / 8G RAM)
Homebuilt (Intel QC I7-950 3.07 GHz / 8G RAM)

Quotes from PLATO are courtesy of PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS
by way of the book THE COLLECTED DIALOGUES OF PLATO, Edited by Edith Hamilton
and Huntington Cairns / translated by A.E. Taylor (London 1929)

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