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My Toy Box

Entertaining items from yesteryear

by Duane K. McCullough

My Toy Box
is a nostalgic adventure through the last four decades by rediscovering some of the items that I used to play with. These items are divided into games, models and tools. Although most items have long disappeared from any retail store, a few may still be found at some flea-markets or in a old box stored in the attic or garage. All items have helped me understand the workings of nature and perhaps some items may bring back memories to those who also once experience playing with them. To rediscover a lost pleasant memory can be enjoyable - perhaps some of these items may inspire a list of your own lost toys.


Bug-out: Plastic-action / Grab the dropped bug from the plastic cage with a hook.
Careers: Board-dice / Learn about careers while gaining money, fame and love.
Carrobs: Board-action / Multi-game board with wooden rings and pool-sticks.
Dogfight: Board-cards / World War One air combat strategy.
Life: Board-dice / Learn about life's events while moving your family car along a path.
Monopoly: Board-dice / Learn about property ownership by trying to control all properties.
Orbit: Metal-plastic-dice / Move your spaceships once around the earth race.
Twister: Plastic-action / Plastic sheet with color spots to place place hands and feet on with partners.
Yatzee: Board- dice / Move your marbles once around the board race.


Bismark: Plastic / German battleship.
Burton Island: Plastic / US Ice Breaker.
Confederate Blockade Runner: Plastic / Civil war paddle-wheeler with sails.
Cutty Sark: Plastic / Clipper ship.
Golden Hind: Plastic / Sir Frances Drake's ship.
Pine Island: Plastic / WW2 seaplane tender.
U-boat: Plastic / German war submarine.
USS Arizona: Plastic / WW2 battleship.
USS Constitution: Plastic / Revolutionary warship.
USS Hornet: Plastic / WW2 aircraft carrier.
USS Kearsarge: Plastic / Civil War warship.
USS Missouri: Plastic / WW2 battleship.
USS Nautilus: Plastic / Nuclear submarine.
USS Washington: Plastic / Nuclear submarine.
Spanish Galleon: Plastic / Spanish sailboat of about 400 years ago known to carry treasure.
Ship collection: Plastic / Bag of about 50 small ships with dimension data on their bottoms.

Avenger: Wood / WW2 fighter-bomber aircraft / Rubber-band powered.
B 17: Plastic / WW2 bomber.
B 24: Plastic / WW2 bomber.
B 52: Plastic / Intercontinental bomber.
B 58: Plastic / Intercontinental bomber.
B 70: Plastic / Intercontinental bomber.
Bird dog: Wood / WW2 observation aircraft.
Cessna 172: Plastic / Small civilian aircraft.
Cobra: Plastic / US helicopter gunship.
Curtis Hawk: Wood / Biplane trainer aircraft / Rubber-band powered.
Folker-wolf: Plastic / WW2 German fighter.
Huey: Plastic / US helicopter.
Hurricane: Plastic / WW2 British fighter.
Lancaster: Plastic / WW2 British night-bomber.
Mosquito: Plastic / WW2 British fighter-bomber.
PBY Catalina: Plastic / WW2 seaplane.
Piper Beach Bonanza: Plastic / Small civilian aircraft.
Piper Cherokee: Plastic / Small civilian aircraft.
Slick Streek: Balsa wood / Rubber-band wooden airplane.
Spitfire: Plastic / WW2 British fighter.
Stuka: Plastic-gas / WW2 German dive-bomber.
Airplane collection: Plastic / Bag of about 50 small aircraft with dimension data on their bottoms.

Jolly Green Giant kite: Plastic / Promotional kite.
Box kite: Paper-wood / 15 cent kite.
Cross kite: Paper-wood / 15 cent kite.
Deltoid kite: Plastic / 30 cent kite.
Sled kite: Plastic / Dollar kite.
Stunt kite: Nylon / $20+ kite.

32nd scale race car set: Metal-plastic / Electric motor race car set.
Cord: Plastic / Late 30's concept car.
HO series trains: Metal-plastic / Replica of early diesel trains.
HO series tanks: Plastic / Several American & German army tanks.
HO series race car set: Metal-plastic / Electric motor race car set.

Redstone rocket & Mercury capsule: Plastic / First US spaceship.
Gemini capsule & Accessory pod: Plastic / Second US spaceship capsule set.
Apollo capsule & Lunar pod: Plastic / Third US spaceship capsule set.
USS Enterprise: Plastic / Fictional starship of the future.


Atari 800 XL: 8-bit computer.
Atari 520 ST: 16-bit computer.
Atari 1040 ST: 16-bit computer.

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