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T3/T4/T6 trimaran designs by Duane McCullough

The T series of trimarans are based on a simple design that is scalable from small plywood or plastic versions to large oceangoing metal or wood ships. The winged pontoons are removable for easy transport and reassembly on all versions. Powered by the easy to assemble freestanding Lateen Sail Rig, the need to support the mast to the flexible arms of the craft is not necessary. The winged pontoons are designed to give lift to the craft under forward movement and yet have enough stable buoyancy when not underway. The arms that support the pontoons have only enough flex in their makeup to allow the pontoons to safely rise and twist while underway. The 3 V-hull design should allow the craft to track upwind in shallow water nicely.

These design images were created using the Anim8or and the Virtual Sailor programs.

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