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Virtual Sailor seaplanes by Duane McCullough

These are images of my VS seaplane projects.
These seaplane projects are based on a new type of simple kite-boat design that should become available for commerce soon. Made from lightweight corrosion resistant composite materials and powered by thermoelectric jet thruster motors, the seaplanes should be capable of long distance marine travel. Large versions should be able to carry passengers and cargo from small seaports around the world much like the great seaplanes did some sixty years ago.

Common to all seaplanes is the unique delta-foil wing that is similar to earlier hang-glider wing designs. If designed properly, the wing leaves little or no wing wake -- which is found in most all aircraft wing designs. By avoiding this wing wake phenomenon, and directing all drag to the wing tail by way of a connecting foil surface -- this unique delta-foil wing can balance and convert drag against gravity so efficiently, little thrust power is needed to create lift. In fact, test have suggested that if the payload is streamlined correctly, inertia can be directed to overcome gravity during flight by proper piloting the aircraft at angles wherein the need for a motor is not necessary except for reaching launch altitude. Use of an onboard gyrostabilizer may help control flight parameters on windy days -- and may be the only controlling device necessary for steering the aircraft in future versions.

To experience marine flight with these seaplanes you need to acquire the Virtual Sailor program by Ilan Papini and download the models from my website or other VS websites. See the bottom of my outside links page Outside Links for locations of these websites. Ilan Papini has also created another program called Micro-flight and can be used to simulate flight of the SeaRam 8 seaplane.

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