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This view of the Atlantean realm includes the maritime parameters of the lost civilization before the Biblical flood. Also included is how the forgotten binary alphabet of the Atlanteans evolved into the Latin alphabet over many generations.

Volume 3: The Atlantean Adventure
Chapter 1: Western Society

1/ We should realize that for nearly five-hundred years the governments of "Western Society" have evaluated themselves under the presumption in which it evolved "westward" from the "cradle of civilization" in the Old World to the shores of the New World.

2/ Perhaps the term "western" actually implies that the "Society" evolved from the west and sailed eastward toward the middle of the Old World - reaching the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.
(Many conventional history books portray that during the time of Moses, the entire eastern Mediterranean realm was being settled by a maritime culture from the west known as the "Sea Peoples")

3/ Were the Phoenicians actually ancient sailors from the Atlantic realm that sailed eastwards in lateen-rigged boats and "colonized" the maritime city-state region of what is now Lebanon and Israel?
(The cedars of Lebanon were once used to build thousands of Phoenician sailboats which sailed both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean)
[Lebanon = the band of "ON" = the tribe of "Sun City"]

The Concept of Democracy.

The concept of democracy is based on the simple principle that when making an important public decision, the majority vote should prevail because the will of the majority outweighs the wants of the minority. The methods of implementing a governmental institution based on this simple principle can be complicated, but are made proper if a pluralistic party system is used. Having a viable alternative in choosing between two or more forms of political parties improves the chances of greater governmental management - because if one party should fail, the other party, or parties, would have at least some experience in directing the affairs of the country.

4/ And was this maritime city-state region of Phoenician settlers invaded by the aggressive military powers of Assyrian kings from Babylon on their way to challenge Egypt, whereby the area became so corrupted by war-lords and pirates, the Israelites, led by Moses, escaped from slavery back into the "land of Canaan" to help restore order.
(When Moses led the descendants of Abraham out of Egyptian slavery toward occupied Israel and across the Sinai, his eastern adventure may have been more of a crusade for justice than only a departure from captivity; Moreover, the "wall of water" witnessed by Moses and his followers while crossing the Sinai can be explained by the optical illusion created when one peers at a mirage in the desert)
[The terms "Hebrew" and "Jew" have been assumed for many centuries to be synonymous, however if the terms were to be thought as a "tribe" or "ethnic group" in chronological order, history would reveal that the Semite descendants of Shem (a son of Noah) - and their Hebraic style literature, came long before the Jewish tribe of Judah]

5/ Is the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Holy Bible) a testament to the alphanumerical art of lineal communication whereby Moses innovated the lineal Hebraic alphabet from Phoenician paragraphical epigraphs?
(We should remember that Phoenician paragraphical epigraphs - and their scriptural adaptability into the Hebraic style of lineal information, evolved from a simple method of recording "numerical" and "graphical" information on long "parallel" logs)

6/ And speaking of Biblical times, was Nimrod - the "mighty hunter before the Lord", actually the defiant war-lord king of ancient Assyria that instigated a primeval civil war between the Atlanteans and the Hellenes?
(According to Plato, there once existed a primeval civil war between the ten tribes of King Atlas (Atlanteans) and the rebellious kingdoms of the eastern Mediterranean, wherein the Atlantean tribes of western Europe, Africa and the "Atlantean continent" (i.e. the American continents), were attempting to "control" the regions held by the Hellenic regimes (i.e. the Hittite, Assyrian and Persian empires); Moreover, Plato suggests that this primeval civil war between the "west" and the "east" was interrupted by a catastrophic earthquake and flood, whereupon both partisans of the war were destroyed beyond obvious recognition)
[Atlas, the great strong-man who bore the responsibility of the heavens on his shoulders, was, according to Plato, the grandson of King Oceanus - whose kingdom once included all known lands in ancient times]

The Realm of King Oceanus.

According to the earliest writings of Latin literature, the term "OCEAN" originated from the name OCEANUS - which was the grandfather of King Atlas. OCEANUS ruled the titanic realm far beyond the Greco-Roman world. The pictographic meaning of the name may equal the term "Sun-king of ON" because "O" equals the sun symbol, "CE" equals "CA" or "KI" as in the "King" symbol set, and the letter "N" equals the "END of statement" symbol.
Also, because early writing was once spelled in both directions, the symbol word set "NICO" equals "OCIN" - which sounds like "OCEAN", as in King OCEANUS, the great king of the Titans.

7/ Can the origin of the European "La Tene" culture - out of which evolved the "Latin" language, be traced to the "Atlantic Alliance" of "The Ten" kingdoms?
(Latin = La-ten = "The Ten")
[The modern-day maritime alliance of Western Nations, known as N.A.T.O. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), could be viewed as a revival of the very ancient "Ten Tribe" kingdom]

8/ Were the mythical sea-gods of antiquity, such as Oceanus, Aeolus and Atlas, ancient admirals of the Atlantean realm - whose mandate was to venture eastward, toward the sunrise, and unite the diversity of humanity?
(The geo-political circumstances of Plato's Atlantean story at the time it was documented would favor the Hellenistic perspective wherein Poseidon would appear as the great sea-god of earth)

9/ If the answer is yes to these questions, then recorded history of Western Society should reflect a new anthropological understanding in which the evolutionary direction of modern man may have originated in the New World and culturally migrated to the Old World.
(If Plato was correct in revealing a ancient story about a major world-wide earthquake and flood, then perhaps the reason that conventional history portrays humanity as evolving outward from the "cradle of civilization" of the Middle East is founded on the concept that, in the aftermath of this antediluvian event, there truly was a westward migration toward the New World from the Old World long ago)

10/ Moreover, because of new calendrical data to be revealed later in this book, conventional Old World governmental history will be "reassembled" in such a way whereby it chronologically balances with the human history in the New World.

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