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This view represents a theoretical concept in which some of our ancient ancestors once used the
fantastic knowledge of "particle beam" technology. This lost ability to develop "photolytic torches"
eventually evolved into a very powerful transmitter radio station.
The electromagnetic static field used piezoelectric power to send wireless messages over great distances.
Perhaps the "fire" that Prometheus took from "the heavens" was this lost technology.
Perhaps the "Tower of Babel" that Nimrod created used this lost technology.

Chapter 5: People of the Pole

1/ Always described to have looked like some spiral narrow mountain made from brick and mortar, there now exists a novel perspective that the Biblical Tower of Babel was perhaps the same type of sparkling spire which existed in Middle America at Teotihuacan - just outside present day Mexico city.

Parabolic Dish Lens Design.

The use of highly polished concave mirrors of magnetite, ilmenite and hematite have been found at the Olmec site of La Venta. Refered to as "smoking mirrors", they were worn as pendants, buckles and perhaps as fore-head light-reflectors by shamans - much like the doctor's "head-lamp". Modern day solar lighters use the same refraction principle. Satellite dishes are also based on the same radiant angle phenomenon.
According to traditional descriptions regarding the Holy Grail, the "cup" or "vessel" that Christ used at the Last Supper was portrayed as a silver "dish" in which he performed a sacramental act. Why it became the object of great quest was perhaps its ability to "Enlighten the Masses".

2/ These ancient towers of coruscating light are believed to have had a similar foundation - the one in Middle America was perhaps based from a "font-like receptacle" or "parabolic crucible", while the other - the Tower of Babel, was of inlaid ceramic brick and tile built in the shape of a large crater, from which a tall cyclonic column of vibrating metallic sand particles illuminated the sky - much like a modern day searchlight.
(Iron titanate - also known as "ilmenite sand", is a very unique pyroelectric substance and can be found in very large quantities on the surface of the earth's moon)

3/ Furthermore, like something out of a science-fiction novel, this novel perspective suggest that these "electrified ferromagnetic fountain beams of blazing beta particles" were once capable of transmitting telephonic radio information up to the ionosphere and thereby "echoing" electronic signals around the globe long before the "radio revolution" of the last century.
(Although antediluvian radio-chemical communication is a technological concept that is difficult to believe at first, if one understands how simple a present day crystal radio functions, it becomes easier to accept the ingenious abilities of our prehistoric ancestors - for example, the piezoelectric capacity of a small quartz crystal, together with some coiled copper wire and a little diaphragmatic earphone, is all that is needed to create a battery-less radio receiver - no bigger than your thumb!)
[Certain crowns of ancient kings may have been elaborate "antenna hats" in which the wearer would receive "divine messages" from regional "altar-like transmitting stations" - each complete with a large "monstrance-like" crystal microphone]

4/ Such a florescent column of "electromagnet effervescence" would account for many ancient "pillar of fire" mysteries throughout world history, for example, the following items of mystery can be found in any good encyclopaedia:

*The Biblical story regarding how Moses used the "Ark of the Covenant" to communicate with "the almighty" whereby the "pillar of fire" from the "ark" (radio chest in the shape of a model boat) was a "tabernacle antenna" or "foldable spire".

*The Olympiad "torch" was originally a parabolic lens of platinum capable of projecting the "sacred fire of the gods" and used to communicate between other "oracle devices" at shrines throughout ancient Greece and the Mediterranean.

*The "heavenly fire" technology that Prometheus stole from his brother Atlas.

*The mythical palladium "statue" of Athena at Troy.

*The "Portal of Poseidon" and his son Belus - also the "Beacon of Belus" or the "Bell tower of Baal".

*And of course, the legendary "Gate of God" built by Nimrod whereby his "signaling tower" of "babbling propaganda" was destroyed by the "lord of the heavens" because it was "built too high".
(Whether Nimrod's tower was destroyed by man or nature, this ancient pyroelectrical technology can be very dangerous in the wrong hands just as nuclear power is today)

5/ This exotic metallurgical technology included a parabolic reflector dish design which was similar to the Christian "Silver Chalice" or "Holy Grail", whereby Christ was said to have used a small dish or "silver plate" for his "enlightenment" at his last supper.
(The parabolic lens device once worn on the forehead or hanging from around the neck by certain medicine-men from Middle America to caustically start fires from solar or electrochemical radiation was also known as the "Smoking Mirror" - and according to one theory, may have been employed in the magnifying of radioactive mineral salts, such as Thorite, into generating extraordinary high temperatures within a narrow gyrating beam of cyclonic energy which was capable of scoring through granite; Moreover, King Arthur's "sword from the stone" legend about the enchanting abilities of the scepter-like sword - the Excalibur, may also be based on the perspective in which Merlin - King Arthur's geometrician mentor, used magnesium salts or "flash powder" to ignite grained spinel and staurolite stones (iron and aluminum silicate crystals) into a hypertonic cauterizing beam "sword" by the cup-like resonating shape of a parabolic lens made from platinum - hence the term: Sword from the Stone!)

6/ This remarkable technique in particle beam theatrics may even explain how the mythical Greek hero by the name of Perseus and his "special sword" was able to cut through stone - much like the "light-saber" swords made popular in the movie "Star Wars".
(There may have been two main types of portable "photolytic swords" or "thermionic-emission devices" used in ancient times - one based on refractive solar energy, as in the enchanting serpentine "crystal mounted tuning-fork" rods used by Moses and the Pharaoh, and the other type based on encapsulated radiated energy, as in the mythical returning "petrifying hammer" of the Nordic lord of thunder named Thor)
[Regarding high temperatures and the petrifying process, there exist in nature rare phenomenol items known as "thunderbolts" - in which heavy dark green stone objects, shaped like polished celts, could be the petrified product of when lightning strikes certain trees - and because of the "electromagnetic precipitation" of manganese salts from within the tree, a nodular stone or "thunderbolt" can be found years later after the wood has rotted away]

Thunderbolts from Nature.

A new theory suggest the idea that rare small dark-green stone nodules, shaped like celts and which can be found near the dead trunks of certain trees in the Caribbean realm - and perhaps elsewhere, may be the result of petrified manganate salts. Such stone nodules could have been "instantly petrified" by the electromagnetic actions of lightning fusing the manganate within the plasma of the once living tree.
The idea that Nature can instantly create these "aerodynamic crystals" is a theory which should be explored.

7/ Could it be that the ideological identification of some countries and cities were named in honor of this magnificent christmas tree-like particle beam tower of sparkling light?

8/ Are the regional places of Columbia (column), Spain (spire), Poland (pole), Palestine (pale = pole) and Tripoli (tri-pole) named after this legendary "pole of light".

9/ If our ancestors did create such a remarkable scientific achievement in the field of particle-beam technology, and for whatever reason lost or forgot this knowledge, what evidence could exist today that would help prove the idea our ancestors used this incredible "stone-splitting" art from yesterday?

10/ Perhaps the building of one of the largest set of stone monuments in existence today could prove our ancestors knew of this lost technique - perhaps the stone cutting process of the pyramid project near Cairo in Egypt could show evidence.

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